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Perfect twilight pictures attract more buyers! Use this checklist to prepare your property for professional twilight images.


Turn ON all lights and lamps that are in rooms that face the front or back and can be seen from outside; replace burnt-out bulbs.

Open all drapes, blinds and shutters completely in order to allow the interior lights to show through the windows.

Turn all exterior lights ON.  This includes landscape lighting, up lighting, pool and spa lighting, party lights, etc.

Contain your pets so they don’t wander into the shots

Make sure toys and pet paraphernalia (crates, dishes, and litter boxes) are out of sight.

Remove seasonal or holiday décor

Ensure the photographer has open access to and from the front and back yards by unlocking all gates.

If you must be home during the shoot, please stay away from all windows so that you are not visible inside the home.

Remove your car from the driveway or street directly in front of the house

Remove all lawn equipment, debris, and trashcans from sight

Roll up hoses; hide sprinkler attachments

Open patio umbrella

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